​​Board Meetings

Our Board Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month starting at 6:30 pm.  Meetings are generally held at the Preston Community Center (8625 310th Ave SE, Preston, WA 98050).  To abide with current COVID-19 protocols, board meetings may be held virtually, or at a different locations.

New members
Go to "Membership Application" on this website for a link to the current new member application.  We are taking in a significant number of new members each month.

Instructions for Initial Membership Application
New Membership Process:
Application Packets are accepted by email or postal mail only - we will NOT accept applications in person until further notice.
To Apply:
Mail or email your completed, initialed & UNSIGNED membership application to the club PO Box (see below). Please note - be sure to include all application pages. Any incomplete applications will be returned for completion. Please PRINT clearly.
Include a copy of your ID & proof of membership or donation to one of the approved organizations on our 2nd amendment advocacy page.

SVRC requires all members to be one of the following: a member of NRA, SAF (or affiliated organizations), FPC-Firearms Policy Coalition or WAC-Washington Arms Collectors.  All of these organizations can be found on our 2nd amendment advocacy page.

Include Payment or mail separately to PO Box (see below) - if sending payment separately make a note on the application sent as well as with your payment so they can be combined once received. See Fee schedule below.

Range Safety Orientation

Once both your completed, initialed and UNSIGNED application AND payment are received you will be contacted you to confirm your information and set up a time/date for you to attend range safety orientation -  Please be patient as we need to drastically limit the number of people allowed for orientations Governors Covid-19 & CDC guidelines/rules. Once your orientation date/time is set you will be sent a confirmation email/letter of your scheduled date/time - please keep this appointment if at all possible as it may be weeks before you can be re-scheduled.

Orientations will be held early on Saturday mornings only – No drop ins allowed.

You will need to sign your application and your ID will be confirmed at the orientation before your badge will be given.Please note - you will NOT become a member or have range access until you complete Range Safety Orientation & receive your membership badge. 

Submit application to:
email: sherry.m@svrifle.org  
Mailing address:
                           Attn: Sherry/memberships
                           PO Box 309
                           Fall City, WA 98024

Payment: make payable to: SVRC
SVRC accepts: CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS, CASH ONLY (no credit cards or debit cards)- Note: return check fee $25.00


Processing Fee: .........................................         $40 (New Members Only)

General membership Dues: ......................         $100
Spouse: ………………………………....…....         $25
Senior (65 & older) or Disabled: ……........         $25

*GENERAL MEMBERSHIP DUES are DISCOUNTED after July 1st through end of calendar year to: $50.00 (general annual membership dues - $100.00) Please note - we do not double discount membership dues, therefore spouse, senior & disabled dues do not qualify for this July to December discount and does no other prorating of dues/fees. All new members pay a one-time processing fee of $40.00.    

All memberships are Annual and expire at the end of January unless renewed -
Renewal packets are mailed (via postal mail) in November and will be due by the January Annual membership & Board meeting (2nd Thursday in January) of every year. So this membership is for remainder of current year only and will need to be renewed for membership in by end of January annually or will expire.
For further membership questions or information please contact membership administrator  sherry.m@svrifle.org. 

We are pleased to announce that SVRC membership now accepts legal residents of the US who are not US Citizens (e.g. - holding a green card or work visa) and who have a permit to own a firearm. Please bring this additional paperwork as you submit your application. 

Spouses are welcome as members, too. They also need to show the same information as above when applying. NRA offers discounted spouse membership. 

Safety Orientation
All new and renewing members participate in safety orientation. New members are not yet members until this has been accomplished.

Group Safety Orientation usually takes place at the range at 8am on the Saturday morning immediately following a General and Board Meeting. Check the calendar for dates and times. While we would love to be able to offer individual orientations to fit each person's busy schedule, as a volunteer organization, we do not offer this opportunity at this time. Please connect with the XO if you have a truly unusual situation.   

As we have no on-duty Rangemaster, every member is responsible for the safety of everyone on the range. Rules are posted and must be followed. It is each member's duty to hold All accountable for adherence to range and safety rules. Be respectful to other members, but do call it out when you see unsafe or non-compliance with range rules.   

From the SVRC Vice President:
The SVRC Board is crucially concerned about both safety errors and willful safety violations. They don't necessarily happen frequently, but they do happen. Even long-time members have been spotted making mistakes. We just can't allow someone to get hurt out of neglect, carelessness or ignorance of the rules. The Board has voted to require periodic refresher safety orientation for all members every 3 years.

Membership Renewal
SVRC Membership may be renewed at the General and Board Meeting by completing the membership renewal form sent to each current member by mail. Please read and follow the instructions to ensure timely and accurate processing of your renewal paperwork. Questions about membership should be directed to sherry.m@svrifle.org.

Summer Membership BBQ
Each summer we gather at the range for a day of fun and games, food and friends. Watch the August calendar for the date and time. Invite your shooting friends and family members. There is no additional fee for this event. Hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, pop and prizes! The Public is invited - starting 11 am, or earlier if you want to help set up, and please do!

Membership & Meetings


Meetings and Membership

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