Volunteer Opportunities

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SVRC relies largely, but not entirely, on members to maintain and improve our range. SVRC has two main ongoing needs for member volunteers.

Work Parties

The SVRC Facilities Manager, Tom Boord, schedules work parties at the range. During the work party, the range is not available for shooting.  Any questions contact Tom Boord.

SVRC will have a work parties the 3rd Sunday Morning of every month starting on 3/21/2021.  Work party dates are:  7/18, 8/15, 9/19, 10/17, 11/21 and 12/19.  Pick a date or two and come out to help out keeping your range clean, updated and ready for some 2nd amendment fun.  And meet some of the members and make some new friends! 

Below is a list of items that we need help with. 

If any member has a small front loader or tractor they are willing to bring to the range, we could us it to repair potholes and remound the berms.  Contact Ellen Clark or Tom Boord.


  • Repaint the Red Line at the front of the Rifle Range and the Pistol Range and add a white line next to it for better visual.
  • Paint the block wall between the Rifle & Pistol range  white on both sides
  • Paint a line at 25 feet & 50 yards in Red
  • Repaint the blocks in the back of the Pistol Range
  • Repaint the blocks on the side and back of the RSO building


  • Install power cable in conduit  from the Rifle range to Bay 1.  (Trench will be pre-made)
  • Install lights inside both Connex’s and 2 flood lights outside the connex’s


  • Install roof between the Connex’s for additional storage
  • Repair bullet holes in one Connex.

Work to include;

  • General facilities maintenance, clean-up and blackberry/weed eradication and berm clean-up


SVRC is looking for member RSO's to volunteer supporting SVRC Range safety on weekends.  We're asking for RSO's to staff a 4 hour shift at the range on Saturdays and Sundays.  This will enhance range safety and the member shooting experience.  Please contact Ellen Clark for more information.