Work Parties

SVRC relies largely, but not entirely, on members to maintain and improve our range. The SVRC XO schedules work parties at the range. During the work party, the range is not available for shooting. We can minimize the number of work parties needed to keep the range operating by having a good turn-out and getting the work done in one day.

Work parties run from 9am to 3pm and are announced on the SVRC Calendar. New members are expected to contribute a minimum of 6 hours in their first year. Work parties are the most common way of fulfilling this member expectation.  It is also a great way to get to know your fellow members. They can be fun!

Work party activities currently anticipated:

  1. Install/repair new cement ground holders for metal target stands
  2. Install wire/or rope target holder for the pistol pit, general cleanup of pistol pit
  3. Build a retaining wall for the 200 yard gong
  4. General maintenance and cleanup
  5. Weed control
  6. Litter removal

Please bring your own shovels, rakes, brush clippers, garden trash bags and any other item that can be used to improve the range. We all benefit from the great work that the parties do. Thank you, members! 

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