SVRC Newsletter Winter 2020

Hello Members,

SVRC 2020 Annual All member & Board Meeting
Election results: Jaime Kemper has been elected as our new SVRC President. Congratulations Jaime! He has served on the SVRC board since 2016 and has been a big part of our communications team through face book, helping with new members/range safety and recently taking on the as well. A big Congratulations and Thank You Jaime!
A huge THANK YOU to our former president Jim Leibly - He’s been with the club since 1998, volunteered countless hours to our Juniors program, CMP/High Power Rifle, hunter sight in as well as serving on the board and as club president for the past 10 years.  Your dedication and service to the club is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your time and commitment to our club, members and community.
Proposed By-law Amendment - PASSED
100% NRA requirement - reduced to, SVRC Board approved organizations - membership or donation.
Raffle - Thank you to everyone participating in this years’ raffle – all proceeds benefit our Juniors program. This helps us offer a safe, free/no-cost opportunity for our community’s youth to learn about gun safety, gun responsibility and friendly, fun competition of the sport. All donations to our juniors’ program are greatly appreciated and support a good cause! 
Range Maintenance Information
SVRC is seeking a Facility Manager to help take care of our great Range.  The range needs someone who is willing and able to recognize issues that need to be dealt with and communicate them to the XO and board members.  This person would also be responsible for organizing and facilitating the twice monthly range work parties.  Making a docket of items that can be dealt with by the volunteer work party and seeing those projects through.
If you are interested in helping to make our range better, please contact Jenny Oltmann at

Scheduled work parties: Mar. 21 - work party – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
Bring PPE- eyes, ears, heavy gloves & wear appropriate work/inclement weather clothing- Task will be general maint. & blackberry removal

NEW EVENT (the 3/21 event has been cancelled due to Covid-19 public health concerns.)
Snoqualmie Rifle Club to host Black Rifle League!
To Be Rescheduled.   For more info visit
4 Divisions (PCC, Optics, Irons and rim fire) Members $10 - Public $20
• 40 rounds for primary (but bring extra (nothing larger than 7.62 or 300 AAC)
• Unlimited ammo for handgun
• Encourage to bring tactical gear (belts, plate carriers, etc)
• Sling for your rifle
• AR pistols are allowed with brace
• Weather appropriated clothing 

No shooting organic material of any kind. This includes full ketchup bottles.
RSO:  The Club needs more Range Safety Officers. We are planning a Range Safety Class once the Covid-19 pandemic slows.  The responsibility of the RSO is to work and oversee the Range during their volunteer time slots. Assisting with new member safety orientation is a plus to become familiar with the Range rules.  Our goal is to keep the Range safe for all. RSO’s can also be helpful to new shooters & visitors who may not be familiar with the rules. Contact Ellen at if you would like to volunteer. 

For those of you that are currently RSO’s, we would like your help to oversee safety at our facility. If you haven’t been through safety orientation in the last year, please contact me to  schedule a time to go through a refresher Our goal this year is to have RSO coverage at the Range on the weekends. I will begin asking RSO’s to fill time slots for weekend coverage very soon.

Thank you to all the RSO’s who have volunteered to help with the monthly Orientations.  A special thanks to Richard Dalman, Terry Obrien, Dan Thomas & Gary Kessler who have spent an extraordinary amount time volunteering.

Strategic Overwatch is a FFL/SOT, Class II dealer located in Kirkland, WA.  I am also a SilencerShop dealer at .  If Kirkland is a convenient location for you, I can also offer SVRC members gun transfer processing ($20.00).  Also, I do get deals that I can pass on the savings for example, Sig-Sauer Silencer 556QD for $550.00 (plus Tax Stamp and Sales Tax).  I can offer club members a discounted price while still using Silencer Shop's services for all their silencers.  If you are interested in a silencer or a transfer, just send me an email to:  Thanks, Tony

General Reminders:
If the power is out &/or the phone line is out – THE RANGE IS CLOSED. - Lights, sirens and phone line must all be operational for the range to be open for use. If the power goes out while you are on the range, please secure/lock up and leave. Contact the board ASAP to make us aware. If you arrive and there are signs up that say ‘Closed due to power outage’ (after a power outage) and the power is back on – please contact the board BEFORE using the range to ensure everything is back on & working correctly. All 3 things need to be fully functioning for the range to be open for use. 

  • Always check the calendar BEFORE going to the range – there are days/times when the range is closed due to disciplines, weather conditions or range maintenance.   
  •  Always fully lock up and secure the range if you are the last one to leave.  All lights are to be shut off, the rifle range shed locked up and the main gate properly locked. 
  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited on all areas of the range and parking lot according to our lease agreements.
  •  Pistol caliber carbines and rifle caliber pistols are only allowed on the rifle range, the pistol bays are for pistols in pistol calibers and .22lr only. 
  • There is NO garbage service at SVRC -  pack it in and pack it out 

Thank You,
SVRC Board

Stay Safe & Have Fun!

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