To all SVRC Members,
As you all know, we had to close due to COVID-19 and the State of Washington Proclamations. While the range has been closed, your Board of Directors has actively been conducting critical projects. This included improving access to the range (ADA compliant benches and parking), safety improvements, stabilizing the pistol range structure, action bay clean up, road maintenance, yardage sign replacements, replacing dry rot and painting the entire facility. We also had our lease holder out for a site visit to approve our work plan and renew our lease.

Below is a link to a article about the renovations written by one of our members:

More great press about SVRC.
NEWS! The Range is OPEN
The range is open!  The weekends are extremely busy!  If you have the flexibility, please consider shooting during the week as the weekends will be extremely busy for the few months.  Below are the restrictions we are implementing based on government guidelines and “social distancing” recommendations.  Your cooperation is highly appreciated!

Temporary restrictions and guidelines for Members

  • Only members can be on the range.
  • Due to the changing restrictions as it pertains to Safe Start Washington, SVRC is not allowing guests to shoot at this time.
  • 2 shooters per lane.  Shooters are expected to wipe down their stations when done shooting.
  • Capacity will be limited to 27 people in the firing area.  Includes Pistol and Rifle.
    • Approximately 22 for rifle and 5 for pistol.
    • This does not include RSOs or Board Members in their official capacity.
    • These restrictions are subject to change.
  • Other CDC & Health Guidance.
    • If you have a temperature or exhibit symptoms, stay home!  You can find the CDC symptoms guidelines here.
    • If you are in a high-risk category, coming to the range should be in accordance with your comfort level.  We do expect the range may be full (at limited capacity) on weekends.
  • Face masks are required by the State of Washington if you cannot physically distance when outdoors.  When you're not shooting, we HIGHLY recommend face masks to help ensure the safety of fellow members and their families.

Weekend/Holiday Restrictions (Friday – Sunday)

  • No more than 2 hours of range time allowed per person.
  • RSO and Board Members will be onsite to help manage this restriction the first few weekendsWe will evaluate this restriction and make changes as needed to manage attendance.

Weekday Openings

  • The range will operate on normal hours
  • No time restriction to range sessions
  • Still limited to 27 people

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