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Garden Club

This discipline is organized for and by women. Appropriate for any woman wanting to begin shooting, as well as for women who wish to improve their skills. The emphasis is on handgun use, safety and marks(wo)manship. 

Pistols and ammo are provided for $7 if you need one. Or you are welcome to bring your own. 

The Club will supply targets and target backers.  You do need to bring your own eye and ear protection.  

Join us every Tuesday evening from spring through early fall. We post our meeting dates on the calendar. Please check the club calendar to confirm meeting dates.  First meeting this year will be Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

We are a group of women who seek education, camaraderie and fun as we learn to safely and effectively shoot  our firearms. 

For more information contact Jenny Oltmann,

Garden Club Gun Safety Class

If you've never been to Garden Club then this class is a PREREQUISITE for Garden Club meetings on Tuesday nights. This class teaches Basic Pistol Introduction skills necessary to attend Garden Club events..  Come and learn how to handle your pistol safely and confidently.  Learn the 4 universal laws, loading and unloading, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control.   A holster for your gun is MANDATORY.  Holsters can be either outside or inside the waist band holster. 5pm - 8pm.  See club calendar for class dates.  Limited to 10 women.

Signup for the class at this link

Contact Jenny Oltmann at 425-233-2842 or to reserve your spot.