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The SVRC Juniors program, led by Matt Bell, Brad Kirgan and Jim Leibly, will start this year's season on Thursday, April 19, 2018 and finishes on Thursday, August 23.   It begins at 5:00 pm on the rifle range and concludes at 7:00 pm every Thursday evening between those dates.

The program stresses firearm safety while teaching marksmanship and fostering a positive attitude.

Most evenings last year the juniors shot .22 target rifles at 50 foot A-17 targets. Once a month, however, we got out the .223 rounds and shot one hundred yard targets and 2-liter plastic pop containers that were filled with water. Over the course of the season over 10,000 rounds were safely fired.

All youth ages 10 to 18 are eligible to participate regardless of whether their parents are members of the range. If you know any youth with an interest in shooting or would like to help a youth get firearm safety training by NRA certified instructors then we encourage you to take advantage of this program. We have all the gear, rifles and ammo. It's a great opportunity for young hunters to get to be better shooters. This is a chance for our youth to shoot in a safe environment.

If you have questions about the Juniors Program, email us.