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Every year, SVRC opens our range to the public to sight in their hunting rifles. In September and October (9/25-26 and 10/2/3 2021), several days at the range are given over to this purpose.

Do you need that rifle sighted-in? Want to make sure those screws are tight? Does the zero on your scope need to be verified? Come on down to our range and we'll help you out. $5 for non-members ($1 per extra rifle) and free to members of SVRC.

We will also have someone available to take in new members if you wish to join. Check out the SVRC Calendar to make sure the dates listed haven't changed, AND take a look at all the other events we offer our members!

To print sight-in target, right click on image, "save as".  Go to your downloads folder, right click and print.  You may get an error, but print anyway.  For MAC users - you're on your own.... 

Hunter Sight-In