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About Us


​​SVRC is a non-profit, member-supported corporation with over 1200 members. We are National Rifle Association affiliated, Civilian Marksmanship Program affiliated, and support the NRA in its many activities, including youth programs and the Eddie Eagle program to promote gun safety in our schools. All SVRC members are required to also hold membership in an organization that actively supports our 2nd amendment rights.  Qualifying organizations can be found on our 2nd Amendment advocacy page.

Incorporated in 1946, the Snoqualmie Valley Rifle Club is more than 60 years old as a recognized entity, but
our roots go back to shortly after World War I, when returning veterans would gather in the Snoqualmie Valley to maintain their rifle shooting skills. See these Minutes of the Snoqualmie City Council dated January 24, 1927!

Today, that old spirit lives on with SVRC-hosted monthly competitions in a wide variety of rifle and pistol shooting events. Besides these popular group events, SVRC is a safe, scenic, and pleasant place to sight in and gain proficiency with hunting rifles, hunter or self-protection education, and enjoy the shooting sports in a convenient, natural setting. Our excellent Juniors Program promotes safety and marksmanships skills for young rifle shooters. Events such as Blackpowder are fun for all ages.

SVRC is a private club that is accepting new members until further notice. 

Snoqualmie Valley Rifle Club facilities, located behind a locked gate with members-only access, include a 200-yard rifle range, a separate 50-yard pistol range, and several smaller shooting bays used for Action Pistol, and Police training. Both main ranges are covered for all-weather use. The facility has a telephone for emergency use. 

Members have access to the range seven days per week. The range hours are 7:00 AM through 9:00 PM, Monday-Friday, and 9:00AM through 9:00PM on the weekends and holidays. Opening time exceptions are listed on the Club Calendar. Some scheduled events may use the entire range facility, so individual shooting practice may be restricted or prohibited during those times. Please check the calendar when planning your range visits.

SVRC hosts regular events and activities in a variety of shooting disciplines, including:

  • Action Pistol: Monthly competitions promote handgun safety, marksmanship, defensive skills, and fun!
  • Blackpowder: SVRC is home to the Bear Creek Muzzleloaders, one of the top blackpowder clubs in the country.
  • CMP/High Power Rifle: Monthly competitions and frequent clinics and demonstrations draw shooters from around the region.
  • Juniors Program: Shooting instruction for young shooters.
  • Garden Club: For and by women, this club introduces women shooters to the safety, technique and fun of shooting sports. For both new and experienced shooters who want to find other women to shoot with.
  • Black Rifle League: Black Rifle League focuses on tactics versus speed unlike other shooting sport disciplines such as ASI, IDPA and USPSA. At Black Rifle League events, participants move through courses of various levels of difficulty engaging IDPA targets. 
  • NRL22:  NRL22 is a division of The National Rifle League which is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of long-range precision shooting.
  • NRA certified training classes: With NRA-certified instructors and an active education program, SVRC has a  program of classes and instruction in hunter safety, home firearms safety, basic pistol and rifle marksmanship, and personal protection.

Guests are welcome at all SVRC events, and to use range facilities when accompanied by an SVRC member in good standing. Parents and guardians, you are required to keep your children at all times next to you.  Everyone must be wearing standard ear and eye protection. Everyone on the range must follow all range and safety rules. No pets are allowed on the firing lines or downrange when the range is in use.