Action Pistol

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What is Action Pistol?
Action Pistol matches consists of drawing from the holster and rapidly shooting at various targets (cardboard, reactive steel and bowling pins). Each match has six to eight stages, and each stage may have one to thirty targets. The stage designs change each month. The sport involves thinking, as well as the rapid and accurate placement of shots, in order to overcome the challenge offered by each stage.

When do the matches take place?
Action Pistol events take place the second Saturday of each month beginning at about 8:45 AM and lasting until approximately 2:30 PM - rain, snow, or shine!

Equipment You'll Need:
A working handgun, .38 caliber/9 millimeter or larger
A holster that covers the trigger (no shoulder holsters, please) 

At least 3 speed loaders for revolvers or 3 magazines for pistols. 
A baseball-type hat is recommended. 
About 150 rounds of ammo should be enough to comfortably finish any match. 
Safety glasses and ear protection are mandatory for all participants and spectators.

New Shooters:
Action Pistol shooters at SVRC are some of the nicest people you'd ever want to shoot with. New shooters are always welcome, and we try to go out of our way to help you. Women and teens are especially encouraged to try out our sport!

What are the rules?
Be safe 
Have fun 
Pitch in! 
No whining!!! (See rule #2)

What does it cost?
SVRC members shoot for $7; Non-SVRC members $10. $2 of each entry fee is paid to the club for range maintenance and improvements and the balance is used to purchase supplies.

Who should I contact for more information?
Email or call Larry Holm 206-546-1051