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Welcome to the SVRC

    WORK PARTY!!!!

    Saturday, 4/21 from 9am - 2pm. There's a lot of work to do at the range this Saturday as it's been several months since we last had a work party. Please come out and get some volunteer hours in. Bring rakes, shovels, weed-eaters, and any other tools you might think useful. See you there! (Range will be closed to shooting during work party hours, of course)

    Steel at 200 yard range is down for maintenance. We have some new stuff on the way! Please do not use your own steel in the meantime. We should have the new stuff up in about a week.

Garden Club starts back up in April. click here for more details

  • When removing rocks from the berms, please do not throw them out onto the range. We have a guy who mows and they are damaging his mower.

  • **MEMBERS** - Please be cognizant of those you see on the range. Check for badges. Keep an eye out for non-members who are illegally trespassing and shooting. These people do not know the rules and are an EXTREME RISK to us all! Please report anyone you see without a badge to a board member immediately. We have had several incidents of non-members showing up in the last month. 

  • ​Someone has been vandalizing the ceasefire alarms at the range. These alarms are specifically set up to promote safety and alert other members that the range is cold. These should be loud enough to hear in the entire parking area and at least halfway down-range. Any vandalism to them is a direct impact on other paying members' safety.
    Anyone found vandalizing these alarms or committing any other acts of vandalism at the range will lose their membership.

  • Please remember the rules regarding ammo that is and is not allowed. It has come to the attention of the board that some ammo is being used that is not permitted. We allow almost anything at SVRC, but the ammo we do not allow is armor-piercing, tracer and50 BMG. There are some holes in the steel at 200 yards that was most likely caused by the use of ammo we do not allow. If you see something, say something. Please.

Standard reminders:

  • Please clean up after yourselves when you leave the range.
  • If you're the last one out, please remember to turn off all the lights, lock the shed and the front gate as you leave.
  • And most important of all: Be safe and have fun!