SVRC Members,
WE ARE OPEN!  SVRC will be following the State of Washington's Phase II requirements and Safe Start King County guidelines.  In order to keep our members safe and healthy, we have put in place some temporary restrictions in accordance with State/County guidelines.  The following will apply to members shooting at the range until further notice.

  • 50% capacity limit on the range. 
  • Physical distancing will be required; or a mask when distancing is not possible.
  • Highly recommended to wear a mask when not shooting to help keep fellow members and their families safe.
  • Shooters are asked to wipe down their stations when done shooting.
  • 2-hour limit on shooting sessions. (Friday - Sunday only)
  • First come, first served.  If the range is full, members will be asked to wait in the parking lot.
  • 2 shooters / station. Members can only occupy one station while shooting.  SVRC is not allowing guests to shoot until further notice due to rapidly changing Covid-19 restrictions.

RSO's and a Board member will be present weekends to ensure shooters a safe shooting experience and help meet the Phase 2 requirements for Safe Start King County.  See the Newsletter page for further details.

The range will have hand sanitizer available.  If you exhibit any of the Covid-19 symptoms or have a positive test and/or are waiting for results of a Covid-19 test, please stay home!  The CDC symptom guidelines can be found here.  RSO's or Board Members may ask to take your temperature test upon arrival.  Please cooperate, this is for Safe Start Washington compliance and ensuring our range stays open! 

ATTENTION:  When power is out at the range, we cannot operate. If you are at the range and power goes out, please notify a board member. If you arrive at the range and it's closed for a power outage, but the power comes back on, also, please notify a board member. Board member phone numbers are listed by the phone in the shed.


  • **MEMBERS** - Please be cognizant of those you see on the range. Check for badges. Keep an eye out for non-members who are illegally trespassing and shooting. These people do not know the rules and are an EXTREME RISK to us all! Please report anyone you see without a badge to a board member immediately. We continue to have incidents of non-members showing up expecting to use our facility. 

  • We have recently discovered empty beer cans (not targets) and cigarette butts on the range.  Remember, alcohol at the range is strictly prohibited.  Anyone found consuming alcohol on the range is subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion.  SVRC is also a non-smoking range.  Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the range, including in vehicles, including vaping.  Smoking is only allowed outside the range gate, on the corner out at 202.  Again, disciplinary action may include expulsion. 

  • There is no garbage service at the range. Please do not leave garbage at the RSO shed. Take home everything you bring, including brass.  Please leave the range cleaner than when you arrived!

  • When removing rocks from the berms, please do not throw them out onto the range. Place them behind the berm and let them roll to the bottom of the berm.

  • ​Someone has been vandalizing the ceasefire alarms at the range. These alarms are specifically set up to promote safety and alert other members that the range is cold. These should be loud enough to hear in the entire parking area and at least halfway down-range. Any vandalism to them is a direct impact on other paying members' safety.  Anyone found vandalizing these alarms or committing any other acts of vandalism at the range will lose their membership.

  • There are some holes in the steel at 200 yards that was most likely caused by the use of ammo we do not allow. Please abide by the range rules concerning allowed ammo.  If you see something, say something.


  • Please clean up after yourselves when you leave the range.
  • If you're the last one out, please remember to turn off all the lights, lock the shed and the front gate as you leave.
  • And most important of all: Be safe and have fun!​​​


M-F: 7am-9pm / Sat & Sun: 9am-9pm

Range hours may vary due to events.  See Club Calendar!


The Snoqualmie Valley Rifle Club (SVRC) is a private club that supports shooting sports.  The Club is supported by its membership and provides a private, members only facility in the Snoqualmie Valley that is an outdoor shooting experience.  Members can shoot at the facility during operating hours, generally rain or shine as the benches are covered.  The SVRC range is member managed and uses both members and RSO's to ensure a safe, friendly environment.  The club is open to new members who are dedicated shooting enthusiasts, willing to devote time and energy to supporting the range and the club.  SVRC supports several shooting disciplines for members and the public.  We are an NRA affiliate range!

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