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Garden Club

Overview & Purpose
The Garden Club (GC) is a Snoqualmie Valley Rifle Club (SVRC) discipline dedicated to teaching women to use
pistols in a supportive environment. We are led by women SVRC members for women in our community. Students
of any skill level are welcomed, from pure novice and onwards.

The Director of Garden Club leads events and coordinates with the SVRC Board. The Garden Club Committee
assists with all GC activities and maintains equipment. To join the GC Committee, we require enthusiasm for
women’s shooting, to be an RSO or have equivalent experience (military, law enforcement, private security etc.).

​Garden Club Rules

  1. All instructors, RSOs, students and guests must obey the official Range and Safety Rules of the SVRC! See for SVRC Range and Safety Rules.
  2. In order to provide a comfortable and welcoming place for women all participants must be women!
  3. Men can only attend as invited instructors/RSOs or on special designated co-ed training days. Otherwise, men will be asked to leave.
  4. You must have completed basic gun safety class provided by SVRC (New Gun Owner) or an equivalent course before attending your first GC meeting.
  5. Attend with a positive attitude about guns and shooting. We are a very Pro 2A group. While we want everyone to be safe, and to educate about guns, our goal is to have fun and build community.

Required Equipment

  • Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while the range is hot. These can be provided by GC if you do not have your own.
  • COST: $7 per class to SVRC in order to help cover the cost of materials and instructor training.
  • Pistol: Strongly recommended that you bring your own pistols with appropriate ammunition, and a matching, secure and safe holster (kydex or leather recommended). We have a few training guns for those​ who are totally new to shooting.
  • Clothing: Closed toed shoes required. Recommended- pants, long sleeves, a hat with a brim.


​​Lesson Calendar
Garden Club meets Tuesday evenings, from 5:30-9:00pm. Our yearly schedule runs from about beginning of April
to about the last Tuesday of October. The skills build on each other, so while new students are always welcomed and accommodated, it is beneficial to come as often as possible to develop skill sets.

MonthsLesson Focus
April - MayFundamentals: Safety, grip, stance, sight alignment, 5
Step Draw from holster, malfunctions.
June - JulyBuilding on fundamentals and incorporating
intermediate skills. For example, safe moving and
shooting, shooting from distance, unusual positions,
and cover.
August - OctoberBuilding on fundamental and intermediate skills while
touching on advanced topics. For example, FBI and
police qualifier tests, low light/flashlight shooting,
engaging multiple targets, and concealed carry.