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Black Powder

Some of SVRC's hardiest shooters can be found shooting their muzzle loaders on the first Sunday of each month, rain or shine, blizzard or gale. Friendly competition and enjoyment of the black powder era are the rule of the day. New shooters and spectators are welcome at black powder shoots. Eye and ear protection are required of all participants and spectators.

Many of our black powder shooters have built their own guns, historic costumes and tools. Researching and hand-crafting their guns and gear enriches their enjoyment of the sport and deepens respect for the achievements of our pioneer forbearers. Such commitment is not required of the new shooter, but once you see what the fun is all about, you'll be sewing your own buckskins before you know it.

Due to their commitment to a historical lifestyle, questions sent to the mountain folks must first be transcribed to paper using a quill pen and delivered to their mountain camp via pack mule. This can take a while, so please be patient in waiting for a reply... or email your request to Will Littke at or give Will a call at 425-443-2685