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Below is another example of a target stand contributed by one of our members:

Basically a single 8ft 2x4 cut to lengths and two furring strips, plus about 5 minutes of assembly.  I built this one to match the post spacing on a professional steel base that I had previously purchased, so that all of my bases and target backs would work together.  The height of the nearly full length furring strips means you hit the berms on both the pistol and rifle range rather than skipping off the ground.

Target Stands

If you have any examples of target stands that you'd like to share, please email them to

Rifle Targets:
In the example below, all measurements are the same as the above example except the legs are cut to 36" instead of 24". This is ideal for the rifle range to be sure your rounds all hit the berms as specified in the rules.

Here are a couple examples of the target stands that can be used on the range (you can now have a metal base):
All the joints have 1 screw holding them together except for where the legs connect for portability.

Pistol targets:
The PVC pieces are all 1 1/2.
The lumber is all 2"x2"
This particular target stand has all pieces cut to 24", except for the foot pieces. Those are about 18"