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What is ASI? (information provided by Action Shooting International)

ASI was started as a "non-competitive" alternative to the United States Practical Pistol Association (USPSA) and the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) sports.  

ASI is a very social program that emphasizes  safety,  skill building, comradery and fun for those shooters that are not interested in or perhaps not qualified to participate in USPSA or IDPA.   For the more talented - it is a "farm team" for IDPA and USPSA. 

We license the ASI program to ranges, train the staff (comprehensive ASI Range Officer training), provide all the program materials, stage designs, scoring software, online membership forums and then hand it over to the range.   The program requires that participants become ASI members after their third match ($35 per year).   We have over 700 members in 16 states.  

Our ranges have found that the participation fees + ammo sales + new range memberships + equipment upgrades can generate a substantial amount of incremental income while drawing in a constant crowd of new shooters and attracting many repeat participants.   ASI is essentially "a bowling league type program for ranges". 

In addition to "non-competitors",  we have found that the program is attracting women shooters, older shooters - many that have aged out or injured out of IDPA or USPSA (they do just fine with the extremely “kind” ASI rules) and lots of people that have only been able to shoot in a lane and love the opportunity for movement, scenarios, and props.  We are also getting current IDPA and USPSA shooters that come just for fun and trigger time.   We have heard often  "this is how it used to be".   

The three founders are the past Associate Editor of “Front Sight” for the USPSA HQ, an IDPA Area Coordinator and trainer and an a NRA instructor and shooting sports coordinator for years in the IDPA and USPSA program.   We are all long-term USPSA and IDPA participants that wanted something to address a larger audience of firearm owners (our friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, significant others – that would never consider the high levels of competition of the other sports).

Check out Dillion Blue Press that has published several articles on ASI over the last couple of years and is a big supporter. 

When are the Events?

We will be holding ASI matches as a way for new pistol shooters, pistol owners and concealed carry permit holders to have fun with the ACTION SHOOTING INTERNATIONAL® program (ASI).  ASI provides an opportunity for pistol owners to shoot under the direction of highly experienced Range Safety Officers in a new and fun way.   Thorough safety instruction and supervision will be provided.

When do the matches take place?
The 3rd Saturday of each month starting in April. The Range would need to be closed from 8:30am to 1:00 - 1:30pm.  Schedule for the event:

  • Setup: 8:00am
  • Registration: 9:15am
  • Shooting: 10:00am
  • Wrap-up: 1:00pm

Typical “courses of fire” include:

  • Movement from one shooting position to the next
  • Multiple targets in each array
  • Shooting around doors, through “windows”,
  • around barricades and various types of “cover”
  • A shooting experience that is very different from target shooting

What is required to participate?

  • A “safe” .380, .38, 9mm, .40 or .45 handgun. A revolver or semi-automatic.  The Range Safety Officers will approve the gun to be used.
  • 50 rounds of ammo
  • A holster may be used if you have one, if not – your course of fire can start from a table, drawer, or with the gun already in your hand.
  • We recommend that you have two magazines or speed loaders.  Magazine pouches will be a benefit if you have them. Reloading with a magazine or speed loader from your pocket is allowed – no reloading with loose rounds.  

Participants will have a chance to shoot four “stages of fire” (see example).   Participants are scored based on elapsed time and accuracy.

While experienced competitors are welcome, ASI matches are not designed for them. ASI matches cater to shooters with limited to no experience in Action Shooting. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, non-intimidating event for shooters of all skill levels.

ASI provides an opportunity for new shooters to get a more-relaxed glimpse into what the action shooting sports and/or the “gun schools” (such as Front Sight and Gunsite) teach – but without the high intensity. You don't need to be an athlete to shoot ASI events – just be safe and have fun!      

Event Fees:

  • ​​$20.00 - SVRC Members & Non-Members
  • $10.00 - Range Officers that run the squads (2 per squad)
  • $5.00 - Children Under 15
  • New shooters are expected to become an ASI member after the third match.  The cost is $35 per year.

Who should I contact for more information?

Web:      2559 Woodbine Place   Bellingham, WA  98229        Tele: 360-391-1551

Action Shooting International®